Tuesday, 17 August 2010


We would love to hear any comments you have about Breathworks. We would like to expand our community of friends around the world to help more and more people to live well even if they are suffering from a chronic condition, or just worn down by the stresses and strains of everyday life. Vidyamala, co-founder of Breathworks and author of Living Well with Pain & Illness, has brought to many individuals a new perspective on how to live a more rewarding and happier life.


  1. Its great that we now have a blog thanks sona! When I have figured out how it works I will post something.

  2. congratulations! i think this will be a good platform. i have a blogspot account but tend not to use it as i can follow blogspot through google reader with the other stuff i follow. i look forward to reading!

  3. Ok if you are a bloggy type could you help me out.
    a) is this blog a good one to use and will people who blog regularly and read blogs use this sort?
    b) can anyone post on this blog or is it only the 'owner' who can?

  4. I would like to use this blog, but not sure how to register - or is it open?

  5. Ah! It seems to be open! Just wanted to say I attended a Breathworks weekend workshop in Dublin earlier this year and found it really helpful. I hope to practice it more by doing some training at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre this autumn.

  6. In response to Vidyamala's question of 19 August, it seems that only the Breathworks owners can enter a headline post, but anyone can then post a comment.

  7. Hi, Just found the blog.
    Can I make a few suggestions?

    You might want to consider adding more posts; maybe once a week and focus on a specific topic or event; try not to use it for advertisement (folk will just turn off).
    I enjoyed the interview but it may be helpful to expand on a certain specific topic, also keep it real and personal this will generate discussion.
    If you would like a more open discussion you could start a group on a social website like 'linkin'.